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This exploratory project successfully developed a new 3-D, augmented reality mobile-based visualization tool. At the outset of this project, our goal was to take advantage of Google ARCore and Apple ARKit to enhance introductory physics learners’ understanding of physical fields through a visualization of 3-D, real-time, sensor-based magnetic fields.

The technology we have developed is novel in the following ways:

  • It links visuospatial understanding (from the camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope) to data about magnetic field strength and direction (from the magnetometer)

  • It displays magnetic field vectors in real space, allowing the user to see and interact with 3-D fields.

Advancement in merging AR capabilities with sensor data has the potential to change the way educators, learners, and members of the workforce interact with their smartphones and tablets, and, in turn, impact the way developers support the needs of education and workforce.

Learn more about how multiple interacting sensors through the use of AR frameworks make Magna AR function by viewing some of our tech-related blogs and presentations:

Learn more about how mobile sensors work by visiting the Vieyra Software webpage. In particular, Magna AR makes use of the (1) accelerometer, (2) gyroscope, and (3) magnetometer.


Building an AR Magnetic Field Visualizer—Rationale


Building an AR Magnetic Field Visualizer—Rationale


@ DroidConSF

ARCore—Visualizing the Invisible


@ iOSDevCampDC

ARKit—Visualizing the Invisible

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