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Quick Guide

(Scroll below for video demonstrations.)


  • The app is available as a stand-alone MAGNA AR or within the AR mode of Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite.


  • Field Vectors: Add field vectors by tapping the screen or selecting the automatic field placement button (icon in lower-right).

  • Refresh: Remove vectors from the area by selecting the refresh button (icon in upper-right).

  • Compass: View the cardinal directions using a digital compass (icon in lower-right).

  • Settings: Change settings (icon in upper-left).​

    • Visualization​: Visualize field information as colored spheres (directionless) or as arrows. Choose to include or remove the label showing the numeric value of the magnetic field at each point.

    • Heatmap: Choose to display or hide the heatmap, showing which colors correspond to which magnetic field strength values.

    • World magnetic model: View maps of the world magnetic field intensity or or field inclination in order to make comparisons between what has been visualized and the expected theoretical values.

    • Tutorial: View the Tutorial video.

    • Feedback: Send an e-mail to the development team or visit this website.

    • About: Learn about the MAGNA AR team.


  • Learn more about the sensors that make AR function by visiting our Technology page.


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